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Fake Bake Spray Tanning

This professional spray tan application is the fastest (typically 15 minute treatment) and most convenient way to enjoy a Fake Bake application. The treatment is provided by one of our beauty professionals. You can choose from 2 different self-tan liquids – Original and dark. Our qualified beauty professional can advise you which is most suited to your skin tone.

The tan is applied to your skin as a mist via a spray gun used by the beauty professional who will tailor your tan to specific requirements or for a particular occasion. You will be provided with disposable underwear (optional), and foot protectors to ensure your soles are not discoloured. You may wear your own bikini, however it could be discoloured during the application. It is generally believed that the professional spray tan application provides the most even tanning results because the atomised Fake Bake tanning liquid is applied to the skin evenly.

There are 5  shades  of spray tan to choose from Original tan, Dark tan. 60 minute tan, Beyond Bronze and Gold tan.

Sun Beds

If fake Bake is not your thing then why not use one of our quality Viva or Symphony sun beds and you can achieve a fast, even all over tan while staying comfortably cool (fan assisted).

The Viva range

The Viva vertical tanning unit offers an unsurpassable tanning experience. Our unit comes with Powermax Leg lamps which boost tanning for the hard-to-tan leg area.

The Symphony range

The most stylish range of vertical tanning units which offer the best tanning results in the world. The Symphony unit has 250w lamps with Powermax Leg lamps which boost tanning for the hard-to-tan leg area.

Tanning sessions from 2 minutes (depending on skin type)